Twist and Turn Table


The brief was simple. A tight space and a vehicle to house: 1) a large flatscreen tv 2) a turntable and mixer 3) A selection of the clients most coveted and played records.

Records. As far from digital media as you can get bar a waxed cylinder.The format has been gaining popularity recently again. Only partly due, I’m sure, to it’s inherent inconvenience. I wanted to retain some of the rawness of the oak boards as they came of the mill. Some of the waney edge (ie the outside of the tree) is incorporated. As are the cracks and splits which are merely cleaned and their edges softened. Some of the boards are also warped through the drying process and are used where appropriate. The top surface is dominated by the the telly so an undulating surface here is OK. Not so on the record shelf though. The surfaces are treated with a fine sanding/brass brushing  and finished with a hard wax oil.