Golden Elm Bench


Elm grows again to provide the top for this 6 ash legged perch.

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In the late 1980’s 50 Golden Elm trees landed in Ireland. These were resistant to the Dutch elm disease that decimated elm in Ireland and around the world.
One of the plants was given to us by a family friend.
It grew well. Part of this tree fell down last Christmas and it was just large enough to mill into useable planks. On revealing the beautiful grain I decided to make a small batch of stools and benches from the log.  Quite a short turn around really from ‘seed to seat’ so to speak .Around the time It was planted I started to get interested (as a 15 year old) in working wood. The tree has been growing since then in tandem with my interest and skills .
I have secured the riven ash legs with a walnut wedged through tenon.